Compliance auditing
Intelligence from your data
"ClearChain will give our member organisations the data and information they need to support their supply chain decisions."
Decision support

Answering your big questions

Every organisation has big questions to answer: How do I gauge our readiness to resume operations after Covid-19? How sustainable is my supply chain? What do I need to do to make my sourcing more ethical? What actions are needed to improve our packaging?  ClearChain gives you the data and information you need to answer big questions such as these.

Ensuring compliance

Auditing the easy way

Regular non-financial auditing can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. Doing it the ClearChain way removes those constraints and means you can manage a wider range of audits, deeper into your supply chain, all with the same headcount. It might also help you in ways you hadn’t imagined.

What we are best at

Product Features

Configurable audits
Build your own library of audit templates that you can configure for your organisation and select them when scheduling audits.
Action planning
Work with vendors and other stakeholders to create and deliver action plans, then manage those plans to completion.
21st century database
ClearChain is built on the very latest database technology. No more hourglass waits for search results, fewer constraints on querying and reporting.
Supply chain mapping
One place to hold data the related to your suppliers, at any tier, mapped: capabilities, relationships, audits and action plans.
Make ClearChain work the way you need it to in order to support you in your big decisions: audit scoring, dashboards, integrations and more.
Share the information and wisdom from ClearChain with other systems within your organisation: create it once, use it many times.

Follow our progress

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