We're a team of compliance professionals and software designers building something revolutionary.

Blending the professional experience of environmental, software delivery and software design specialists, Clear Chain Ltd is a joint venture between two successful organisations. Having seen how much time and money was needed to manage compliance, they have come up with software which removes those constraints for a variety of business applications.

Andrew Lambert

Andrew has spent 25 years helping companies to deliver efficiencies in managing compliance. This has ranged from avoiding copyright infringement to ethical sourcing and has mostly been achieved by selecting or specifying corporate-level software. A lateral thinker, he has worked with subject-matter experts to develop and successfully deliver a wide range of projects.

Michele Memoli

Michele has over 15 years experience designing and building software. After beginning his career as a UX Designer at the BBC, he co-founded 100 Shapes in 2011 and specialises in creating bespoke software for staff (“Enterprise UX”).

The first step in transparency is supply chain visibility
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