ClearChain Insights

Net Zero: the challenges to meet in achieving it
August 5, 2020
Where do you start and how do you go about delivering your Net Zero programme? ClearChain and its partners can help you with your journey
More allegations of poor working conditions in clothing factories
July 23, 2020
Ethical sourcing has come into focus again following the allegations of poor employment practices at clothing factories in Leicester
Auditing for ethical working practices: the challenges facing organisations
July 13, 2020
How will organisations find ways to limit unethical working practices at their vendors without unnecessarily increasing cost and complexity?
Internal and supply chain Training Needs Analysis audits
June 18, 2020
We’re developing for a partner a way to use ClearChain for conducting training needs analyses on their clients’ own operations and also those of their supply chains.
After the lock-down: safety then business readiness
June 11, 2020
Safety should always come first for business returning after the lock-down but business readiness would come a close second, especially supply chains.
Working out what life will be like beyond the lock-down
May 14, 2020
There will be life beyond Covid-19 but it will almost certainly be different for us all. Work out how and why it will be different for your organisation.
What carbon emissions does my supply chain incur?
April 23, 2020
To complete the picture about how sustainable your own organisation is you should audit your supply chain. This is what's involved and how ClearChain could help.
What geographical risks are there in my supply chain?
April 21, 2020
How prepared are you for geographical risks? Have you mitigated against them and ranked them for likelihood and impact?
How to improve ethics and social net positives in the supply chain
April 21, 2020
To measure the ethical element of your supply chain you need to audit it and quickly glean information from the data that it gives you. ClearChain allows you to do exactly that.
What actions are needed to improve our packaging?
April 21, 2020
To improve packaging you need to audit products, materials and suppliers. ClearChain can be used for this auditing and Action Planning to ensure that improvements are delivered.
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