How will you answer the big questions to gauge the readiness of your business to return to operational status after the lock-down ends? Do you know what the big questions are?

- What are our existing commitments?
- Do the markets for our products and services still exist?
- Do we have new markets and opportunities for my products and services?
- Is it safe for our employees and suppliers to resume work?
- Do we have sufficient employees with the required skills?
- Are our offices, factories, stores and other premises completely safe?
- Are there any remaining legal constraints on returning to operational status?
- How is my supply chain?
- Do we need to/are we able to help those who may have gone out of business?
- Do we need new suppliers?
- Will they be compliant and capable for what we need now?

......and more.

ClearChain would help you to answer some or all of these questions objectively. It includes all of the tools you'd need to conduct audits to gauge how ready every aspect of your business is to return to whatever the new "normal" is after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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