The Road To Net Zero

There’s no need to start at ground zero to achieve Net Zero
How will you create the benchmarks, action plans and your supply chain map to start your Net Zero programme?
And then how will you create run the audits necessary for calculating Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions and report on it in order to gauge your progress towards your Net Zero goals? 

You could use spreadsheets, emails, a report generator and lots of people to complete all of these tasks – if you have the budget and the time, while keeping your business going. Or you could use ClearChain to support your team by reducing the volume of their work and the timeframes for it.

Our offer to you could include: 

‍Sense-check your Net Zero objectives for scopes 1, 2and 3
Help with defining the programme scope, your science-based targets (SBTs)
Help with the strategy to achieve the objectives and SBTs
Reviewing and developing customer engagement and initiatives

Environmental profit and loss analysis
Benchmarking and ongoing analysis towards your targets, using ClearChain       
Defining resource efficiencies to ensure that costs of the ongoing Net Zero programme are minimised  
Energy usage and mix of fossil/non-fossil fuels audited, with ClearChain 

Client-defined product sourcing changes
Supply chain mapping enhancements, with ClearChain  
Action planning
Collaboration and support
Use of offsetting for residual emissions using robust voluntary standards

With our consultancy partners, Net Zero specialists JRP Solutions, ClearChain offers a winning combination of expertise and software to help you on your road to Net Zero. At a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time it could otherwise take.