ClearChain will be helping to deliver Net Zero in Fashion

January 8, 2021

We have started work with our partners on developing our Net Zero in Fashion offering, a combination of expertise and software that would help fashion retailers, brand owner, manufacturers and other stakeholders in the industry to deliver Net Zero programmes. Fashion is such a huge contributor to CO2 emissions, as well as other environmental problems, with little sign of that ingfluence abating.

In putting the offer together we at Clear Chain and those experts at our Net Zero delivery partner have spent time exploring the possible scope of what needs to be addressed. We have also refined it back down so that everything we're going to be offering has value.

With our partner, Net Zero specialists JRP Solutions, we will be offering:

1. Advice and collaboration to help clients to cost-justify the programme, plan it, define realistic and achievable Net Zero goals, resourcing and reporting

2. Capture and analysis of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 data for benchmarking and results of ongoing activity towards Net Zero targets

3. Software: ClearChain for auditing and reporting on data, integration with your existing financial and other systems

Watch this space for an update on Net Zero in Fashion.

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