Integration of ClearChain with PLM and ERP systems

September 28, 2020

We've been asked by a prospect if ClearChain would integrate with their product life-cycle management (PLM) system to help with their sustainability programme. Our answer was that the interface could be achieved technically but they needed to define their business needs.

We suggested that they could feed into ClearChain the raw data about their materials, services and products that came from their PLM. From there ClearChain would use its greenhouse gas calculator to create benchmarks for what they're doing now, to give them a base from which to make improvements in sustainability.

They could then use ClearChain to audit the suppliers specified in the PLM to create action plans in order to get closer to the sustainability targets.

And we also suggested a range of improvements they could make to their PLM in order to make it work for them in its sustainability programme. We were told that our suggested improvements made sense but they would have to seek the budget approval for the customisation of the PLM. Watch this space!

If you have a sustainability programme planned, a PLM system already in place and you'd like to extend the range of what it could do for you to achieve your targets, talk to us about integrating it with ClearChain.

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