Working out what life will be like beyond the lock-down

May 14, 2020

We’re all focused on surviving the effects of "the virus": professionally, personally and otherwise. Most of us have not seen anything as damaging or threatening to our way of life and it’s becoming evident that we weren’t as well prepared as a nation as we would have hoped.

Predictions, commentary, news and false news aside, those of us who manage to get through the next year or so with our organisations intact will have to work out the best time to return to some sort of professional normality. Even if that normality isn’t the same as it was before COVID-19 hiatus.

Once you have the official clearance to open up your organisations to your market(s), members and audience(s), how will you know the right time to do that? And how will you know how much to “open the taps?” Are all your buildings safe? How many staff will be able to return to work? Is your cash-flow secure? Is your supply chain ready?

You’re probably capable of working all that out and have the people, systems and processes in place to support your estimates. But will you be able to do it quickly and thoroughly enough to get back to the level of activity you need?

ClearChain offers you the tools to work out your post COVID-19 business readiness through auditing and action planning. We have generic audit templates that we can adapt for your organisation and you could run any number of audit programmes to get you to where you need to be. You could run one immediately you know when you’ll be cleared to open up again (to set the benchmark) and that would generate a list of necessary actions – then run another audit after you and/or your suppliers have completed the actions to gauge the results.

The first step in transparency is supply chain visibility
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