Net Zero: the challenges to meet in achieving it

August 5, 2020

The need for organisations to be Net Zero is not in much dispute but, much like sustainability, it can sometimes be difficult to know where and how to start. Some of the "big" targets seem so big as to be apparently irrelevant to your organisation, but it isn't necessarily so.

Here at Clear Chain we have been engaging with two of our partners, both consultancies with more than enough experience to design and implement Net Zero programmes. Starting with those big targets such as energy, travel, accommodation, waste and consumption, these can be applied to how your organisation operates, broken down either by subject area and applied across all functional teams, or by addressing each area within each team.

There are always positive things you can do in the move to Net Zero and it can often be cost-neutral at worst; at best it could save you money. Reviewing your energy use would be a quick win, as would reviewing the business travel and accommodation you buy, and understanding how the waste generated by your organisation is managed would also give you a platform on which to make improvements in that area too.

Clear Chain's partners have recognised the significant part that our software can play in delivering Net Zero programmes for their clients. From establishing benchmarks to start with, to analysing internal and supply chain operations to create an action plan, then auditing to compare results of the actions against the initial benchmarks.

Where it can get complicated is your supply chain. Or supply chains, if your organisation is large enough to have more than one. And that's where ClearChain comes into its own because it was designed with non-financial auditing of supply chains in mind, helping to avoid the avalanche of spreadsheets, blizzards of emails and masses of database screens that would all tie you up in weeks and weeks of analysis. That would distract you from the immediate tasks at hand, especially if you have just returned from the lock-down.

Achieving Net Zero can be a daunting prospect, but you have to start somewhere. ClearChain and its partners can help you on that journey.

The first step in transparency is supply chain visibility
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