After the lock-down: safety then business readiness

June 11, 2020

Safety first for business returning after the lock-down, and there are some really helpful summaries around about what you need to do how you need to apply measures to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors and customers.

But business readiness is a close second. Organisations need to test their readiness to return to an operational status in a number of ways, including changes to their markets, their products or services,  their employees, their marketing and much else.

One key area that many will have to consider is their supply chain. Will they know which suppliers are still in business, and of those which are operational how will they know their guaranteed capacities for their new requirements? How many of those suppliers have truly managed a safe return? If more or different suppliers were needed will businesses be able to audit and on-board them quickly and when the time is right subsequently audit them again for sustainability,ethical trading and more?

ClearChain, is built for this purpose: auditing, scoring, creating action plans and allowing you to follow up on each action point to ensure that it was completed.

Throw away those spreadsheets, emails and data tables. Recover the time you spend on poring over them, analysing and reporting on them and spend that time on more productive tasks associated with your return to operations.

The first step in transparency is supply chain visibility
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