What actions are needed to improve our packaging?

April 21, 2020

For some industries the complexities of packaging can be difficult to manage, let alone improve. It could be transit packaging, product packaging and even packaging that's an integral part of the product.

As part of a sustainability programme it would be advisable to review your packaging: its type, composition, pack sizes, if it's single-use, its sources and other complications. You could also look at the lifecycle of your products to identify any potential improvements that could affect packaging.

ClearChain is tailor-made to be used for packaging audits in the supply chain. Output might include:

  • Only 55% of our suppliers are providing useful information about packaging
  • Only three of the brands we use have a public sustainable packaging strategy
  • Just 33% of suppliers use high recycled content but include single-use plastics
  • The Action Plan for these suppliers includes phasing these materials out by 2021
  • Only 20% of suppliers has FSC-certified paper and card packaging

The first step in transparency is supply chain visibility
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