What carbon emissions does my supply chain incur?

April 23, 2020

Audit supply chain to determine:

Energy use

If GHG emissions assessments have already been undertaken

With what international standards is the vendor already compliant

Energy sources and energy mix

What waste is generated and how it's managed

Aside from carbon, what other greenhouse gases are emitted and how they are managed

How energy is conserved, including insulation and re-use

What transport is used and how is its carbon footprint is recorded

A supply chain GHG audit could be underpinned by ClearChain, meaning that it's more likely to be cost-effective for you to ask more questions and go deeper into your supply chain than using spreadsheets and email. And you can involve your suppliers directly in the responses, including an agreed (automatically-generated) action plan to address any issues. Or you can invite a third-party auditor to complete the audit and check the action plan.

The first step in transparency is supply chain visibility
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