How to improve ethics and social net positives in the supply chain

April 21, 2020

Ethical sourcing is becoming an essential feature of some businesses: it may be expected by customers, insisted upon by investors or highlighted by the media. The costs and complexities of auditing can be a burden on some businesses, which is where ClearChain comes in with its supply chain mapping, configurable audit templates, action planning and its modern interface.

Managing audits with ClearChain is cheaper than using spreadsheets and email to do the same job. That means you could conduct more audits and go deeper into your supply chain - and the way that ClearChain works means that the wealth of data you would gather could be turned into wisdom that would help you to answer those big questions.

To answer the one about how to improve ethics you'd need the type of information that data from an audit programme would give you, such as : 

  • 45% of suppliers have more than three action points to improve performance to meet/comply with our standards
  • 15% of tier 3 vendors have one or more action points and 40% of tier 4 vendors have two or more action points
  • Tiers 1 to 3 are 96% compliant and there’s an average of two action points in tiers 4 and 5 to provide evidence of compliance
  • 48% of vendors at tier 3 or above have action points to demonstrate compliance within the next 6-12 months

The first step in transparency is supply chain visibility
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