What geographical risks are there in my supply chain?

April 21, 2020

If you source externally for materials, products or services, there is probably risk in where your suppliers are located. That risk might be geological, weather-related, political or social and it's essential that each one should be identified, quantified and ranked. And mitigated.

You may be able to do this internally but if you need to need to involve others, including your supply chain, then ClearChain would help you, either in planning the mitigation or in dealing with the effects of risk if they actually occur. : with supply chain mapping, comparing capabilities, reviewing previous compliance or performance audits and more.

ClearChain also supports the use of risk maps from third party specialists. From risk maps analysis combined with ClearChain auditing, vendors could be ranked according to their geographical location.

A typical supply chain audit might give you various pearls of wisdom such as:

  • 18% of vendors have outstanding waste management actions, most concerning phasing out of waste to landfill
  • 20% of vendors at all tiers are operating in areas of stressed water supply
  • 38% of vendors use fossil fuels without net zero emissions targets in place
  • Regions highlighted have poor road access and/or only one port for shipping
  • 30% of tiers 2 to 4 vendors source Braiziian soya and need to source alternatives, eg European or certified Australasian or substitute with non-soya sustainable alternatives

The first step in transparency is supply chain visibility
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